Monday, May 16, 2011

Active Pattern Ahead!

I haven't posted on here in a while because well there hasn't been much to post about. Outside of a major "I saw it coming but went out anyway" bust in SW Kansas I haven't been doing much chasing because there really hasn't been much to chase. Fortunately though that looks to change very soon. This week I am incredibly busy with school and graduation so I can't get out at all this week but my dad will be out on Thursday in W/C Kansas where things look to be shaping up for a big event anywhere from Hill City to Coldwater into Oklahoma. There is a very slight chance I can chase on Friday closer to home in E Kansas but that depends on when the days events get done with. Then on Monday May 23 and Tuesday the 24th both look HUGE over the C/S Plains again and I WILL be chasing these events which I am very much looking forward too. After that the models are back and forth so who knows but it is nice to finally see some classic severe weather setups moving into the Plains.
The High Plains of Kansas

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