Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Amazing Chase in Oklahoma Today!

I intercepted 4 tornadoes today between Canton,OK and Fairview,OK. The first was a large wedge that unfortunately I showed up a bit late too and only saw the end of it from about 3-4 miles away. I only have video of this tornado. The second tornado was a elephant trunk tornado that lasted only a few minutes. The third was a brief little cone tornado with a small debris cloud and the last tornado was a gorgeous long rope tornado that lasted near 5 minutes just south of Fairview. I then had problems with the Delorme and made a few wrong turns keeping me too far from reaching the OKC action and I didn't feel like driving all the way back down there even though I regret that decision now. I am very happy with my results regardless today minus being late to the Canton beast!
5/24/11 Fairview, OK Tornado
5/24/11 Fairview, OK Supercell

Looks like more action this weekend hopefully we can get out because it could be HUGE! Also keep OKC in your thoughts and prayers as many areas hit last year on May 10 and May 3, 1999 have been hit again by violent tornadoes.

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