Monday, April 4, 2011

April 3, 2011 Intense Hailstorm!

Last night we were slammed by an elevated severe storm that dumped golfball sized hail right here at our house in Olathe, KS down SW of Kansas City. The hail however caused significant damage to our house with the entire west facing side of our house completely blasted with large holes in the siding, major roof damage, as well as several busted windows, luckily we had the cars in the garage! It was great having the first storm of the season for me come basically right down my street and not even having to go anywhere hopefully a sign of things to come! Anyway below are a few pics with a video coming later.
4/3/11 Close Lightning
4/3/11 Golfball Sized Hail
4/3/11 Hail Damage to the House
4/3/11 Hail with Debris

The Video

Also the GFS and ECMWF continue to show a classic severe weather setup this Saturday over C/E Kansas. If it continues to look strong than it is more than likely our first real chase of 2011 will commence! Stay tuned...

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  1. They're like marbles bouncing on the street! You'll need a strong roof to survive a fleet of those! Each hailstone is almost the size of a golf ball, and they hit the ground so hard they can break any fragile thing they fall into!

    Rodney Orton